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Chapter I

It was later at night and her eyes were already burning from all the tears.

She was seating calm, staring at a random dot on the wall. Suddenly recalling all the hurt and failure of her past years, just to feed her overpowering self pity. The idea of a suicide seemed comforting, although she would never dare to master the necessary courage to do so. And now she was slowly adding one more failure to her long list of unaccomplished life dutties.

Paula lighted up another cigarette and little by little she went on, telling the foreign dot on the wall all the reasons to justify the loathing and self pity that now took over her mind, floating her brain with sad memories and shaking her body with the convulsions of her sobs.
She had mastered the self pity and all the seven stages of grief, learning to go thru all of them like when someone is taken by a twenty four hour virus, or should I dare to say, a bad diarrhea. To indulge in self pity can be really soothing if it is done with a limited …

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